Cash Flow Analysis

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When business owners typically consider cash flow, they think about the money in and out of the business. While this is partially correct, it’s nowhere near that simple. To get an accurate cash flow statement, every account and balance sheet must be organized including sales, bill costs, equipment charges, accrual, and depreciation, and any other balance sheets your company uses. Our professionals organize and analyze your data to provide an accurate cash flow analysis for your Dallas, TX business. Call us today at 888-342-6167 to schedule your free initial consultation with our business experts.

What is a Cash Flow Analysis?

A cash flow analysis is an in-depth look at all of your company’s inflow and outflow accounts to highlight weaknesses and strengths, profit loss, and project new cash flow budgets. Typically, cash flow statements include operations and financing statements, which explains the receipt of funds, and an investing statement that gives the expense records. With accurate cash flow analysis, your company can see exactly where profits are slipping or where you may be paying out too much. However, inaccurate cash flow analysis can cause problems with taxes as well as profit figures that can be passed to shareholders or investors inaccurately, leading to profit loss and legal ramifications.

An Integrated Analyzation System

Our professionals will work with you to gather and analyze all of your company’s financial data for accurate, effective results.

We Provide Extensive Statements and Reports for a Clear and Accurate Picture.

We will look at the details of your accruals and expenses including comparisons such as benefit versus depreciation, man-hours versus completion rates, and project cost versus reward statistics. We will provide a comprehensive, easy to read cash flow statement that is thoroughly presented to and discussed with you. Our professionals can provide guidance and advice on possible restructures of financial plans, accurate pricing and estimation procedures, and a profit leak analysis to deliver real results that are good for your bottom line. The R Moon Consulting team can also provide team and leadership coaching to provide strategies that promote a cultural change that creates lasting effects on your company.

Don’t let your company’s financial status go unknown or inaccurately figured. Our professionals offer complete analyzation of all your financial records to provide an accurate cash flow analysis in Dallas, TX that helps predict future budgets and decisions within the business. Call us today at 888-342-6167 to set up your complimentary introductory consultation and find out how your company can benefit from a cash flow analysis in Dallas, TX.