5 Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

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Creating a Marketing Plan Is Critical To The Success Of Your Business.

When it comes to marketing your business, there are so many different avenues to explore. Small businesses are the small fish in a very big pond that is the business world. You can’t count out small businesses and the reach they can pull, though. Every business started out as nothing at one point and then grew to become their own definition of success. The reason they were able to do that, and keep doing that, is by a little thing called marketing. Small business marketing is the key to getting your business or idea off the ground and into the living rooms and the mouths of the people surrounding you. Have you ever been driving on the freeway and seen a car that had a big logo for some company? If you can think of even one single incident of this, their marketing system is working, because you remembered what it was. These are called franchise wraps and they are just one technique in small business marketing that you can use to grab someone’s attention without really trying. In this case, you have to drive everywhere you go anyway, so why not throw your business name out there while you do it, right? Let’s talk small business marketing strategies. What are some creative ways to market your business?

  • Radio
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Professional Help
  • Word Of Mouth

These are a few small business marketing ideas that you can begin with and grow from. When you have a small business, whether you have 2 employees or 20+, you need to run like a well oiled machine. That means, for starters, always come prepared. If you are serious about marketing help for small businesses, you need to be on your game at all times. A simple way to explain this is if you are driving around with your company’s logo on your car, don’t cut anyone off or park poorly (don’t be that guy). Calling up a local radio station to talk about your small business has the ability to reach people that live hours from where you are. The point is that you want to get your business into people’s minds so that when they come to a point that they potentially want a service you provide, they will remember hearing about it on the radio during their morning drive to work. You are planting the seed and then building on it. This is also where social media plays a large part. Now a day, convenience is key, so if you ask all your friends and family to start sharing a post you made on your social media page, all they have to do is click share. You have extensive knowledge about whatever it is that you are selling or you wouldn’t be selling it; write about it. People want to know what you know. Creating a blog that is well thought out and written clearly, is an important part of small business marketing. When you are looking for marketing help for small businesses or small business marketing needs, you can always get professional help. If you aren’t good at the social media aspect or creating and running a website, there are companies out there that can help do it for you. Last and certainly not least is word of mouth. Talk about your business wherever you go. If you tell the lady at the grocery store about the dentist you go to and then she needs a dentist, she may very well call the one she heard from you, get it? Word of mouth is one of the strongest ways to get your small business up and running. This will not keep it afloat in most cases, but it is certainly a great starting point.

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Marketing Questions

What is small business marketing?

Small business marketing are all the different ways that you can get your companies name out there. Before you go out into the business world, you will need to come up with a marketing strategy that you can implement to get yourself up and running. With all of the big names out there, the small businesses often get left out to dry, but setting yourself up for success and getting your name out there is what will help make your business thrive.

How do I advertise my small business?

There are a multitude of ways to advertise your small business, like the ones mentioned above. Start by sitting down with a consulting company and coming up with a marketing strategy. This will help guide you in the right direction and launch all of the hard work you are doing into reality.

What are good ideas for small business?

Being consistent is always the best idea for a small business. Reach out to people, talk about your company, and if you can, send out postcards to homes or print flyers and place them around your area. Someone is more likely to call for a service or product when they need it, if a flyer is sitting on the counter with the phone number on it. Convenience is key.

How Professional Marketing Can Help

If you have small business marketing issues or need help getting your business of the ground, call R Moon Consulting. We can help you come up with a plan that we can unfold with you and move forward. Call us at (888) 342-6167 if you need marketing planning in Dallas, TX and turn your ideas into a reality.

What is Corporate Filing?

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For The Best Corporate Business Filings For Small Businesses, Call Our Professional Consultants Today

Ever see advertisements for businesses to get their filed organized? You probably thought ‘just buy a filing machine.’ What these advertisements are saying are do businesses need corporate business filings services? Corporate filing involves handing over paperwork to the government. So these files could be paperwork like legal settlements or tax solution and CPA services.

Filing government paperwork is stressful and confusing- one wrong mistake or forgotten piece of paper sets your plans behind. And the business world is constantly changing its rules and laws about necessary paperwork. What you filed last year could be totally different than this year, and failure to file the correct paperwork this year could result in fines, audits, or even business license suspension. Don’t fret about all that and let our professional small business consultants handle the paperwork process for you. For corporate business filings services in Dallas, TX, call R Moon Consulting at (888) 342-6167 today. Our staff stays up to date on all rule changes and modifications regarding corporate business filings laws. We also are aware of deadline adjustments, edits, and modifications.

What Are The Types of Documents Companies File?

  • formation paperwork and requests
  • structural amendments
  • dissolutions
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • document retrieval and authentication
  • tax documents
  • foreign qualification when you want to expand globally.

Is Your Business In Trouble?

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Let Us Help Bring You To The Next Level.

Going into any business is never easy. Whether you have been business savvy your whole life or you are just diving into the world for the first time, it is never a bad idea to ask for help. Balancing checks is one thing, but what about the marketing side? Maybe you are great at selling a product, but not so good at spending your money in the right places. This is the reason that business coaching is right for anyone. It will never hurt you to learn more and get better. That’ what growing is all about isn’t it?

How We Can Improve Your Business

Tips and Tricks – We are here to support you in any way that we can. That means that we get to help you with the little things you may not know or don’t even think about like, if your service in your office is bad, there’s no way to get calls and that’s bad for business so you may want to consider an office cell phone booster installation. Your first impression means everything so if the phones don’t work, your company won’t work.

Leadership skills – Running a company is hard and having employees can be even harder. Let us help show you what is effective about being a leader.

Money Help – Creating a budget and sticking to it is the key to making sure you never get turned upside down. If you already are upside down, let us help you come up with a plan to fix that.

Marketing – There are so many avenues to go down when it comes to marketing. We can show you what works best.

If you want to grow your business and get consulting advice in Dallas, TX, call (888) 342-6167 for the professionals at .

What is Streamlining in Business?


When You’re Looking to Streamline Your Business, Remember to Simplify and Eliminate!

To Streamline Your Business, Remember to Simplify and Eliminate.Consider all the hours you’ve spent over the years just waiting in line. Do you remember the frustration you felt as you wished you could take the time back? Now think of all the man hours you spend each week as you manage your business, and how good it would feel if there was a way to gain some of it back again. That’s exactly what streamlining your company allows you to do!

Streamlining in My Business

According to, to streamline is “To improve the efficiency of a process, business or organization by simplifying or eliminating unnecessary steps, using modernizing techniques, or taking other approaches.” The key words to pay attention to are “simplifying” and “eliminating”. To save yourself valuable man hours and money, look for activities that consume large amounts of time but provide little benefit for your team.

  • Problem: You’re spending way too much time filling out reports and paperwork.
    • Solution: Take a day and hunt down any redundant reporting or paperwork your company doesn’t benefit from.
  • Problem: You’re constantly answering the same question for different employees.
    • Solution: Create an online information resource for your team, or schedule an informative Q&A with your team.

How Can I Improve My Workflow?

One of the most dangerous sentences you can hear in business is “That’s just the way we do things.” The first steps of streamlining company workflow is understanding why your company does things the way it does, then reexamining each process for ways to improve. You’ll have to ask yourself some important questions.

  • Does this way of doing things create more or less work for my team?
  • Is this process still viable now that my business has grown?
  • Can this system be easily taught to someone else so that I can do other things, or will it always demand time from me?
  • Is this a long term way of doing business?

Streamlining can be very difficult for businesses that have developed longstanding habits and have a hard time developing a broader perspective. One great way to break through this stalemate is to hire a reliable third party business consultant.

Partnering With a Trusted Business Consultant

If your business needs a reliable, knowledgeable business consultant to assist you with your structure planning or strategic management, our team at R Moon Consulting would be happy to help! You can talk with one of our enterprise experts at (888) 342-6167.

Why A Business Consultant Is a Good Idea


Let Us Get You To The Next Level.

It is a natural instinct for people to not ask for help. The problem is that there is so much information out there, that it is impossible to be an expert on all of it. When you are starting a business or maybe you have had one for a while, it is always a good idea to ask questions and seek advice from others. There is much to learn from others because everyone’s ideas and brains work in different ways. The reason that many businesses fail is, because they do not ask for help or seek outside opinions. If you are a new business, are struggling, or just want to do better than even before, consider what a consultant could do for you.

How We Help

Business Plan – When you have someone sitting with you that knows business on a professional level, they can help you. Whether it is guiding you in the right direction, or helping you build a business plan and then actually meet the goals that you are setting, this could be a game changer for your company.

Big Dreams, Small Budget – In order to make money, you have to spend it. This saying goes way back, but it doesn’t make it any less the truth. A consultant will be able to help you get your financials in order and make a profit from it.

There are many more reasons to have a consultant to help you with your small business, but if you want to hear more or talk about what we can do for you, call R Moon Consulting at (888) 342-6167 and watch what we can do for you.

Top 3 Reasons Businesses Fail

When you set out to start your business, you have nothing but high hopes. However, many times, new business owners find themselves losing money quickly without an idea of where or how to fix it. Fortunately, they aren’t alone. In fact, more than half of new businesses will fail within 5 years. Most times, businesses begin to lose money from lack of proper business planning, disorganization in accounting, heavy employee turnover or poor service, and incorrect pricing of their product. These problems can be fixed with the right tools and can help your business skyrocket to success.

Profit in Your Business

Our Business Consultants Can Deliver the Tools Your Business Needs to Profit.

Bad or Incomplete Accounting

Your accounting records are the backbone of business planning. These records show a clear picture of your income, assets, and debts, along with all secondary, tertiary, and unaccounted for funds. Your accounting should never fall behind. Timely entry of your transactions prevents overspending and overstretching that can lead to serious setbacks. Accuracy also counts. Mixing up numbers or amounts can end up costing your company big bucks. Many times, it pays to employ an in-house accountant or contract the services of a business accountant to ensure proper record keeping.

Employee Issues

Whether your employees are constantly leaving or they are delivering bad service, both are detrimental to your business, and both can be prevented. Battle high employee turnover in the business planning stage by adjusting benefits, salary, or other perks. More specialized position details and applicant screening can also help minimize employee turnover by focusing on specialized required skills and expectations. Ensure your training endeavors are productive with highly organized and well-planned training modules. These can include, hands-on activities, worksheet-based lessons, mentor-led techniques, or a combination to provide a well-rounded and complete training experience.

Incorrect Pricing

While most businesses assume they are pricing their products parallel to their market, many times, the pricing is either too high to be cost-effective for the consumer or too low to turn a profit. In order to effectively figure pricing, consider the time spent planning, making, and distributing the product, along with the cost of materials, advertising, and promotion. This will help to create a much more accurate pricing model that can not only end up saving you money but your customer as well.

Though starting a business is an exciting and fast-moving time, in order to be successful, the correct steps must still be followed. The R Moon Consulting team can help you devise a comprehensive strategic plan and stick to it, for the ultimate business planning experience. Call us today at (888) 342-6167 to get started.

Dealing With Downsizing

It’s never fun, and it’s never ideal. However, there comes a time in some business situations when you must downsize in order to stay in business. When there is no other choice but downsizing, the process must be handled with care and consideration in order to uphold your company name, protect cut employees, and keep morale up with current employees.

Our Experts Can Help Plan Your Company Downsizing Effectively.

While Downsizing is Never Fun, It Can be Done With Minimal Negative Blowback.


The Business Side

Ensure you have a well-established plan for your downsize. This should include exactly what departments and positions will be affected, as well as the expected recovery date or time. Your plans should have a clear plan of action to circumvent a recurrence, and a plan for laid-off employees to ensure stability. Have a business attorney examine your plan thoroughly to identify any loopholes or loose content that can be misconstrued or mistaken.

Laid Off Employees

It’s inevitable that the employees you let go will have some sense of negativity. They have served you in the position and now quite possibly feel betrayed, abandoned, or looked past. To ensure these employees don’t affect current or future morale or consensus, it’s important to have a cushion to soften the blow. This can include a severance package, assisted employment searches, or multiple other routes to help laid-off workers feel more appreciated and less left in the dirt.

Current Employees

The employees that you’re keeping shouldn’t be left out of the mix. These workers likely have feelings of uneasiness and distrust in their company at the moment. Have a plan of action that explains the downsize reasoning, process, and future plan to help ease their minds and keep up morale. Remember, these employees will decide your company’s future.

Though downsizing within a company can be rough, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. The experts at R Moon Consulting can help you devise a plan that considers every angle to ensure that you, your company, and your employees are covered and taken care of. Call us today at (888) 342-6167 to speak with a representative about downsizing, or to find out about our other business management services.

Starting a Small Business

With so many businesses out there, it can be overwhelming to start a new one, especially knowing that it will be small. The statistics of small businesses are quickly dwindling so if you want to do this, it is best to do it the right way the first time. There is a lot of planning and research that will need to be done first. You will also want to have the right amount of money lined up, plus some to get started and in case something goes wrong.

Steps To Starting a Business

Research – Ask around! What is your product and who do you think wants it? You should do a broad spectrum search of what people want and in what area they want it. You may want to sell scuba gear, but if you live in Alaska, maybe that isn’t the best business venture. See what we mean?

Finances – Money is often the biggest reason that people cannot start their own business. Don’t let that hold you back. Try to stay at the job you are currently at as long as you can before you take flight. You want to be smart about this and if you have a backup paycheck, you are always covered. Look around for people that want to invest in you or take out a loan to help get you started.

Heart – Above all else, you have to have a passion for what you are doing. Sometimes things take off quickly and other times they may take years before you are considered successful. If you do the proper planning, and give it all you have, you may find yourself doing very well.

There are so many different aspects that go into starting your own business. If you need help, call R Moon Consulting at (888) 342-6167 and let our experts consult you.

Three More Questions to Ask When Starting a New Business

Man with an Idea for a New Business

If You Have an Idea for a Business, Let Our Staff Help You Figure Out How to Make It Work.

Starting a new business can be a really scary and daunting task. There is so much information to gather and so many different things to consider before you can even start working on building the structure of the business. If you have an idea for a new small business but aren’t sure where to begin, let the staff at R Moon Consulting help you. We offer expert business consulting services, along with small business and strategic planning.

Things to Consider Before Starting a New Business

When you get an idea for a new business, chances are it is pretty underdeveloped. Figuring out how to develop that idea into something that will actually work isn’t always easy. Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out if your new business idea is actually feasible.

What is Your Market?
Once you know what you’re business will provide, the next questions you need to answer are “where” and “to whom”. What demographic of people will most benefit from the products and services of your new business?

Who are Your Competitors?
Before you enter your market, you want to be fully aware of the competition. This can help you understand what is already on the market, and how to make your product better so that it will be able to survive the competition.

What Will You Need to Get Started?
Every new business has a baseline of resources that are needed to get it up and running. Things that you need to consider include how many people you need to make your business work, what sort of intellectual capital is needed for your business and how much money is it going to take to get your idea off the ground.

These are only a few of the things that go into the planning and development of a new business. If you’re trying to develop a new business idea, don’t go it alone. Contact R Moon Consulting at (888) 342-6167 to get started with your small business consultation today.

Three Simple Questions For New Businesses

Every entrepreneur wants their business to be successful. If you’re starting a new business, it can be tough work getting it up off the ground. How do you know you’re utilizing your time and resources efficiently? Understanding a few simple concepts could help relieve some of the stress and make a solid business plan.

Are you asking the right questions?

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

Starting a business can be tough, but maybe these questions can help save you some blood, sweat, and tears.

Who’s your customer?

One of the most important things to do when starting a business is to define your target customers. This keeps you from spreading your time and resources in too many directions. You can’t actually market your product to everyone. By understanding the potential customer base, you can better know how and where to market your product.

What’s your product or service?

Before starting a business, you should know what products and services are going to be offered. A premium product or service is generally a niche market meaning you’ll be catering to a very specific customer base. However, a more affordable service allows you to expand your customer base. By defining the product or service, you’ll be able to better understand your target customers.

How do you reach them?

Both the product and target customers determine the marketing of it. An online business probably doesn’t want to invest much time in local advertisement, but a local business may want to utilize bulk mail or a newspaper ad.

Every small business needs a good strategy to thrive. The expertise of a consultant could put your business on the track of success. Do you need consultation for a small business in Dallas, TX? Call R Moon Consulting at 888-342-6167.